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Hello and welcome. I am Bei Linda Tang, Guided Dreaming teacher, Dreamwork facilitator, and the author of Navigate Life with Dreams. As a mother, I have experienced the transformative power of dreaming and dreams in my life and those in my family and community. In our present world, more globalized than ever before, yet profoundly isolated, divided, and struggling with climate change, conflicts, violence, and mental health crises, dreaming and dreams can help us restore, connect, and expand our inborn capacity for love, well-being, and interconnectedness so we can work together to solve global problems and overcome collective challenges.


"The session with Bei Linda tapped into the innate connection between my mind, body and spirit. Allowing this connection to be facilitated by deliberate practice is important to manage the stress, anxiety and other draining emotions that are experienced throughout our busy day. Bei Linda provides a space to contemplate and let go of these emotions that can be a cause of physical ailment, such as depression and insomnia. After our session, my husband and I had the best sleep in a long time!" - Caroline

What is Guided Dreaming?

Guided Dreaming is a holistic mental wellness practice utilizing the waking dream trance to improve one's physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It was created by Bei Linda Tang based on modern sleep science, traditional dreamwork techniques, and insightful dreams she had in 2020 when she experienced chronic pain caused by pandemic-related stress.

Bei Linda is the founder of Dream Heals and author of Navigate Life with Dreams She is a workshop presenter and the Western Canadian Representative of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. She holds an MBA degree from the University of British Columbia and is currently completing her MA degree in Applied Psychology (Health & Wellness Concentration) from Adler University.    

Why Guided Dreaming?

Dreaming is an active mental state that consolidates memories, processes emotions and solves problems. Guided Dreaming enables individuals to dream with waking awareness to improve mental health and self-efficacy and access creative insights.

Who Can Benefit?

Wake Dreaming can help people from all walks of life reduce stress and anxiety, and live happier, healthier and more productive lives. Those who struggle with chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and/or suffer from recurring nightmares will find it particularly helpful.

Safety, Privacy, and Ethics

Dreaming is safe and natural. Dream-based healing has been practised worldwide since ancient times. During guided dreaming, participants remain consciously aware of their waking circumstances and can end the session at any time at will. Each person is the ultimate authority and interpreter of their dreams. Participants decide what information to share or not share. Their information is private and confidential.

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