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Waking Dream Therapy is a new natural healing modality working with the state of dreaming while awake - to improve one's physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing - it is developed and facilitated by Bei Linda Tang based on modern sleep science, ancient dreaming techniques, and personal intuitions.

It is not psychotherapy or other professional treatments and should not be treated as such.


Why Waking Dream Therapy?

Modern neuroscience has confirmed that dreaming is an active mental state that consolidates memories and processes emotions. Waking Dream Therapy provides a path to intuit the unconscious mind with waking awareness and actively release unwanted emotions so one can self-heal.


Who Can Benefit?

Waking Dream Therapy can help people from all walks of life reduce stress and anxiety, and live happier, healthier and more productive lives. Those who struggle with chronic stress, anxiety, and/or suffer from recurring nightmares will find it particularly helpful.


Safety, Privacy, and Ethics

Dreaming is safe and natural. Dream-based healing has been practised worldwide since ancient times. 

During the waking dream experience, participants remain consciously aware of their waking circumstances and can end the session at any time at will. Each person is the ultimate authority and interpreter of their dreaming experience. 

Participants decide what information to share or not share. Their information is private and confidential.