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"Dreaming and dreams function as the GPS system of life that help us make decisions and take actions towards love, well-being and wholeness."

- Bei Linda tang 

Bei Linda Tang created Guided Dreaming, a holistic mental wellness program based on modern sleep science and dream psychology, ancient dreamwork practices, and insightful waking dreams she had in 2020 when she experienced overwhelming stress and chronic shoulder pain during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the fall of 2020, Bei Linda unexpectedly experienced waking dreams during hypnotherapy sessions for pain relief. While under hypnosis, she dreamt that a gentle yet powerful octopus swam out of her shoulder and shapeshifted into a healing bubble of light. She entered the healing bubble and experienced her energy body dissolving and becoming one with the light. This experience helped her reduce mental stress and physical pain and offered a solution to the challenge she faced—to be flexible and adapt to changes.

Intrigued by her hypnotic waking dreams, Tang discovered similar mental phenomena in dream yoga, yoga nidra, and dreamwork. Starting with her family and friends, she gradually crafted a distinctive induction approach. This approach, which incorporates breathwork and visualization, guides participants into the underwater octopus dream. During guided dreaming, each person encounters unique symbols that hold problem-solving insights unique to their life circumstances. Tang has worked with over 500 people in various group sizes, both online and in person, and has twice presented at the International Association for the Study of Dreams annual conference.

Tang is the founder of Dream Heals and the author of Navigate Life with Dreams. She is a workshop presenter and the Western Canadian representative of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. She is also a board member at Vancouver Women's Health Collective. Before her current work in dreams and community mental health, she was an investment banker and business owner for over twenty years. She holds an MBA and MA in Health Psychology. 

Tang lives near the mountain, ocean, and forest in Vancouver, Canada, with her husband, two school-aged children, and her parents. She was born and raised in Wuhan, China, a mega-industrial city built on massive wetlands known as the Place of Cloud and Dream, where the Jin Chu people lived thousands of years ago. 

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