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Learn to Interpret Your Dreams Workshop

Bring a vivid dream to explore, analyze, and assign meanings.

  • 1 hour
  • 20 Canadian dollars
  • Zoom


Your dreams are timely and unadulterated reflections of your waking life and an invaluable source of knowledge and healing. If you understand your dreams, you will better understand yourself and your life's purpose. You can also apply the knowledge from your dreams to chart your life's path towards realizing your full potential. Each person is the ultimate authority of the meaning of their dreams because no one knows your experiences, thoughts, and feelings better than you. However, dreams are not easy to understand. Most people find them nonsensical and never invest the time to get to know them. Over time, people stop paying attention to their dreams and lose touch with their true emotions. Join Bei Linda Tang, founder of Dream Heals and author of Navigate Life with Dreams, in an intimate live workshop to learn how to unpack, analyze, and assign meanings to a dream. Linda will use examples of real dreams and life events to demonstrate the link between the two. She will walk you through the steps of decoding one of your dreams and relating it to your life. This process will shed light on any unresolved emotions you may have that stop you from moving forward in life. At the end of the workshop, Linda will guide you back into your dream lucidly, i.e., while you are awake, to explore deeper meanings and possibly end the dream in a different way you can imagine. This will help you dissolve the emotional blockage and learn and heal from it. What to bring: - An open mind and a vivid dream you had recently or from long ago. Take a few minutes to write down the characters, settings, and plot. Be prepared to share as much or as little with the group as you feel comfortable. Dream sharing will be conducted on the basis of mutual respect and support. Please join the workshop from a quiet private space free of distractions. All participants must turn on the video and audio to facilitate group interaction. Event fees are non-refundable but transferable. If the event is cancelled or rescheduled by Dream Heals, attendees will be refunded.