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Heal from Nightmares & Recurring Dreams

Overcoming and release intense negative emotions by rearranging the dream.

  • 1 hour
  • 60 Canadian dollars
  • Online session


Dreams contain timely and unbiased information about your unconscious emotions, which can help you solve problems, make decisions, and manage relationships. However, dreams may appear bizarre and are difficult to understand. In this hour-long session, Bei Linda Tang, founder of Dream Heals and author of Navigate Life with Dreams, will help you dive deep into your dreams to help you assign meanings and understand their significance. She will lead you through analyzing the characters, setting, and plot of your dreams to help you gain a clear perspective of the happenings in your life. She will also help you imagine a different approach so the dream may end the way you want it. At the end of the session, Linda will guide you back into your dream lucidly - while you are awake - and apply the new approach. By doing so, you can release the emotional blockages from past traumas and can move forward with healing and closure. Rob's Testimonial: "It has been a wild ride since March and I feel our session together played a pivotal role in my progress! During our session, I decided to take on my most prolific and ongoing nightmare that has haunted me since I was 17 when my recruiter from the military did terrible things to me, to say the least at this time. As he was the officer in charge of administration he held power over my career and educational opportunities for several years in my early adulthood. My recurring nightmare was being trapped in that administration office which until your careful guidance to pay attention to the surroundings and what was going on around me in the dream had not dawned upon me. Once I was able to really look at the details of the Dream and with your support, I was able to interpret the messages it was sending to me and my life. That process continued for quite sometime after our session together. I believe you helped to unlock the power of my unconscious to communicate to my messages through images and past situational trauma that I needed to release by learning the lesson."